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Ebony has been distinguished for its excellent qualities in the field of music. There is, however, more and more difficulty getting ebony of high quality. Slash-and-burn and overexploitation cause a gradual decline in the population of ebony world-wide.

Stricter treaties and laws for the protection of endangered species can lead to delays on the borders during the entry and to the confiscation of the instruments made from ebony.

As a high-end material especially developed for the demand on musical instruments Sucseno is highly suited to musicians on tour to travelling musicians.


Excellent alternative

No risk to health

Sucseno® was graded harmless with regard to health by the Technical Inspection Agency of Rhineland, checking its pollutants, smell and perspiration fastness.


 Sucseno resists variations in temperature and humidity in comparison to wood.


With its deep black color, its natural shine, its texture Sucseno® is alike ebony of highest quality.


Musicians cannot notice any difference (between Sucseno® and ebony) in its daily use.


Sucseno® can be shaped and used with the same tools.

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