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We are happy to help you design a bow frog and a button according to your specifications. Our craftmanship, the new technologies and the big variety of precious metals offer you a nearly unlimited choice for individual design.

Gold Bogenfrosch


A big variety of precious metal is at your disposal: fine-porous ebony, fine-graded snakewood, cream coloured mammoth, dark horn and most recently, Sucseno, an especially developed composite material.

For you we use lots of different precious metals, such as gold in different alloys and degrees of purity, as well as silver, various (high-grade) precious woods and a big variety of inlays of mother-of-pearl, Zirconia and many more.


The throat gives the bow frog the typical side profile.

Bogenfrosch Maul


As standard we can offer a multitude of sizes in various alloys.

We also enjoy manufacturing special models according to your individual specifications. You can rely on our skills and techniques in processing and soldering.

Heel plate

A half-lined bow frog, curved, two-part or bent heel-plates make lots of various designs possible to shape a bow frog.

In addition, the big choice of metals of high quality and materials such as mother-of-pearl offer you a large number of design possibilities.

Zwickl Bogenfrosch
Opale Bogenfrosch


Inlays of mussels and seasnails are traditionally used in a circular form. We can also offer lots of more materials such as precious metals, artificial opal or amber. We also enjoy realizing your ideas and wishes with regard to form and design.


The underslide creates the acoustic and mechanical connection between bow stick and bow frog. Our range of products comprises octagonal underslides and underslides in Hill’s and Vuillaume’s style. Our underslides are available with different angles. On demand, we can also produce – with high pressure – especially sharp-edged and highly precise underslides.

Bahn Hill Vuillaume
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