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Our Sustainability Promise

Since 2023, we have been assigning our sustainability logos to our products.


100% Urban Mining

Cities and villages are veritable mines of raw materials in which valuable resources of various kinds are tied up for varying lengths of time, but are subsequently released and made usable again. This also includes precious metals. Urban mining deals with the deconstruction and recycling of raw materials.


100% Green Electricity

The electricity we use to manufacture our products comes from 100% renewable energy.


100% Made in Germany

Our production is located in Röttenbach: a small village in Bavaria, Germany.

Our responsibility for ourselves and the environment

These are the projects Walter Paulus GmbH is undertaking



We purchase green electricity. This means that 100 percent of the electricity comes from renewable sources.

We also generate about 70% of the energy needed for our production with our solar cells.

Our Fields & Meadows

Mit unserer Streuobstwiese binden wir etwa 1,6 t CO2 und erzeugen 1 t Sauerstoff pro Jahr. 

Das angrenzende Feld mit Zwischenfrüchten (Phacelia) bindet rund 1 t CO2 pro Jahr


Parking Lot

With our meadow orchard we bind about 1.6 t CO2 and produce 1 t oxygen per year. 

The adjacent field with catch crops (Phacelia) binds about 1 t CO2 per year.


We support the planting and social projects in Africa. With the association Eben!Holz we directly help small communities in the Makira Nature Park in the northeast of Madagascar.



Our pernambuco comes from sources that are very responsible with the wood and have spread a large number of seedlings.

Within IPCI e.V. we support many projects in Brazil, especially in the state of Bahia.

Heat Pump

Since 1982, our building has been heated exclusively with heat pumps.


Precious Metal

Most of the precious metals we process originate from recycled raw materials as part of URBAN MINING.

The melting down and further processing are CO2-neutral.

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