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Walter Paulus GmbH
since 1925

Being a classical family enterprise we have been passing on our know-how, skills and experiences for four generations now, always wanting a bow containing our bow parts to arouse pure joy and satisfaction.

Our family has got a long tradition of building bow frogs. We have been able to improve our competence in this trade constantly since 1925.

For this reason, the Walter Paulus enterprise stands for high quality products, the innovation from tradition, striking and individual designs and excellent bow parts.

Precision comes first for us. It starts with the choice from suitable materials and ends in the accurate final polish.

Being fond of state-of-the-art technologies we have been using modern machines from the very beginning.

It is, however, our employees´ experience and skillfulness, we can rely on traditionally.

Due to our staff´s many years´ standing we are able to provide classical and extraordinary bow parts reliably.

But not only our enterprise lots of our precious wood has also passed through several generations.
Consequently, we are able to guarantee high quality and authenticity of our products.

Of course, our family wants the following generations to enjoy the variety and beauty of the nature. For this reason, we constantly search for extraordinary composite materials having equal qualities like their natural examples.

The combination of our knowledge of materials, our traditional trade art and our IT-abilities enable us to care for each costumer individually.

Family Paulus
Finest Bow Parts
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