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by Benoit Rolland

Galliane Bogen

Tonal upgrade

By means of a light angle at the base of the bow frog the hairband formerly parallel to the bow is turned in a slightly spiral way. The bow adjusts to the natural arm movement and the hairband lies with its larger surface on the strings, which improves both solidity and fullness of tone. This avant-garde bow frog differs from traditional models clearly in sound and art.

Galliane models

Galliane is available for both contemporary and historical bows. You can choose between the strong, geometric, avantgarde Galliane™ and the softly rounded Galliane 441.

Galliane 441
Benoit Rolland

Strong partners

Galliane™ was developed by one of the most successful contemporary bow makers, Benoît Rolland. As a proud partner Walter Paulus GmbH manufactures Galliane frogs.

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