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Perfection Pegs

Planetary geared pegs

for precise, fast and smooth tuning of violin, viola and cello

Perfection Pegs by Knilling

Perfection Pegs are now used by players of all levels from students to concert halls.

Effortless, stable tuning by turning the head

Translation from 4 to 1 compared to a conventional peg

Excellent tuning accuracy

Self-locking gear - no sudden detuning of the instrument

Weatherproof - no jumping, no jamming of the pegs

No wear on the peg/peghole

Continued durability

Reduced instrument maintenance

Structure of the Perfection Pegs

Swiss & Hill

Perfection peg heads are available in three different materials: Ebony, Rosewood or ABS synthetic.

The finetuning pegs with ebony head or rosewood head are offered in two different designs - Hill and Swiss.

The ABS synthetic pegs come only in Swiss style.

The shaft/shank of the Perfection pegs is either black for the ebony and ABS synthetic pegs or brown for the rosewood pegs.

Head styles and materials

Various diameter for any string instrument

The Perfection pegs fit the violin, viola, cello and any othter string instrument.

The pegs have a standard length and can be trimmed to the required length. 

There are four different diameter available for violin, viola and cello.

Violin: 7,8mm, 8,3mm, 8,5mm, 9,0mm

Viola: 7,8mm, 8,3mm, 8,5mm, 9,0mm

Cello: 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm

Buy Perfection Pegs

Online, via email or by phone

You can order the Perfection Pegs on our website.

You can also order by email or phone.

For any questions we are to you gladly at the disposal.

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