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Two Ways of Playing

Carbow Bassbogen

Two in One

Eric Chapelle®, the bass bow frog as well as the fitting bow, Carbow up & down® were developed in cooperation with Eric Chapelle, the bass player of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Monte Carlo and Olivier Philippot, bowmaker of carbon bows and founder of the French enterprise, LNM Carbow.

German and French way of playing

Due to the frog the bass player can use both the French and the German technique. So changing bows is not necessary any longer. This most ergonomic frog allows the musician to play in a more relaxed way.

Chapelle Bass
LNM Bass

Strong partners

The experience of the professional musician Eric Chapelle together with the technical expertise of Olivier Philippot and the craftsmanship of Helmut Paulus have made the bass bow frog Chapelle become a real masterpiece.

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