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Accurate and fast


Winding Clamping Tool

With the help of this device, string bows can be wound precisely and in a short time. The device was developed by master bow maker Sebastian Dirr from Erlangen. His many years of experience as a bow maker contributed to the development. This working aid has numerous advantages over the usual wooden stringing devices or stringing by hand. In particular, multi-color wrapping is particularly easy to implement.


• Multi-colored windings - precise and quick

• Interrupting the winding process

• Suited to every bow (violin, viola, cello & bass)

• The bow remains undamaged

• No tangling of the bow's hair

• Longevity

• Dimensions 600 x 340 x 80mm and weight 2.6 kg


Winding of the bow without damage

Stainless steel clamp with a rubber sleeve

The bow is fixed with the help of a rubber sleeve.
The rubber sleeve can be replaced depending on the diameter of the bow.

Multicolored windings can be easily implemented

Parking spot for another spool

The parking spot makes it possible for two or more spools to be parked witouth being unwound during the process of winding.

Interruptions of the winding process possible

Fastening screw

The fastening screw on the aluminium frame prevents the clamp from rotating inf the winding process is interrupted. The wire, silk thread or gossamer remains fully tensioned

Fixation of the winding clamping tool

With Allen screw

The winding clamping tool can be fixed with an Allen screw. 

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