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Real Gems

Violin button gold


We only use exquisite materials for our buttons.

Precious objects – real gems – are created by using fine-porous ebony, fine-grained snakewood or cream-colored mammoth combined with brilliant precious metals.

In addition to silver and gold in various alloys and degrees of purity we also finish inlays of mother of pearl, Zirconia and lots of further materials.

The character and color of the button always match with the fitting frog.


A soft curve, a parallel or conical octagon and a stylistically well-matched collar give each model its distinctive and original character.

Violin Beinchen Silber
Beinchen Geige


Our inlays get its unique character of a stylish and distinctive precious object. Through the responsible use and individual work of excellent woods, mother-of-pearl, precious metals including inlay works and intarsia.

The inlays we offer are colourful synthetic opals and vivid inlays of mussels.

Screws and eyelets

Each component has an impact on the tone and balance of the bow. So do the screws and eyelets. For particularly light bows we offer screws of titan. Our screws are made of metals of high quality and have a highly precise thread.

Schrauben Muttern Geige
Beinchen Paulus


Our superfinish buttons have got an accurately manufactured protruding collar. The buttons are conical and have got an extra polish.

Sonderanfertigung Beinchen

Your Model

We enjoy manufacturing your special bow frog and the buttons according to your specifications.

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